Welcome to Forex Funds Pro, a rising Forex proprietary trading firm dedicated to empowering traders and unlocking their full potential in the financial markets. With a commitment to excellence, innovation, and transparency, we provide a platform for talented traders to thrive and succeed in the dynamic world of forex trading.

Our Mission

At Forex Funds Pro, our mission is to cultivate and support the growth of exceptional traders by offering them the tools, resources, and opportunities needed to achieve consistent profitability. We believe in democratizing trading, enabling individuals with the passion and skill for forex to turn their aspirations into reality.


Our Commitment to Traders

  • Funding Opportunities: Forex Funds Pro offers attractive funding opportunities to successful traders. Our unique evaluation process allows traders to prove their skills and access significant capital to trade with.

  • Educational Support: We believe in continuous learning. Our traders have access to a wealth of educational resources, market insights, and mentorship programs to enhance their trading knowledge and skills.

  • Community Engagement: Trading can be a solitary pursuit, but not at Forex Funds Pro. We foster a vibrant community where traders can connect, share experiences, and learn from each other, creating a collaborative and supportive environment.

Join Us on the Journey

Whether you’re an experienced trader looking for new opportunities or a passionate individual eager to start your trading journey, Forex Funds Pro is the platform where aspirations meet possibilities. Join us in the pursuit of financial success and unleash your trading potential.

Establishment and Vision
Forex Funds Pro founded with a vision to empower aspiring traders by providing them with a platform to showcase their skills and access substantial trading capital. The journey begins with a commitment to transparency, innovation, and fostering a supportive trading community.

March, 2023

Launch of Evaluation Program
Introduction of our unique evaluation program, offering talented traders the opportunity to prove their expertise and qualify for significant funding. The program is designed to assess trading skills, risk management, and consistency, laying the foundation for a successful partnership between Forex Funds Pro and skilled traders.

December, 2023

Community Growth and Success Stories
expecting exponential growth in its trading community. Success stories emerge as traders thrive under the prop firm's support, benefiting from  a collaborative environment. The community becomes a hub for knowledge sharing and mutual success in the world of Forex trading.

2024 onward