How to start with Forex Funds Pro?

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How to start with Forex Funds Pro?

Before committing to a Forex Funds Pro Challenge, you must understand the challenge ahead.

Upon registration, you can dive straight into a Forex Funds Pro Challenge or, as we often suggest, start with our Free Trial. This trial, a cost-free version of our Forex Funds Pro Challenge, serves as a practice ground. During the trial, you’ll have the opportunity to explore some of our Trading Applications and receive a brief analysis of your performance. The Free Trial can be repeated multiple times, allowing you to prepare for the Forex Funds Pro Challenge thoroughly.

When you feel confident and ready, you can set up your Forex Funds Pro Challenge account here.

Please be aware that your performance in the Free Trial or any external track records does not qualify you for our Forex Funds Pro Account. Our Evaluation Process is specifically tailored to assess your trading abilities adequately, ensuring you are capable of handling a Forex Funds Pro Account.