How do I get funded by Forex Funds Pro?

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How do I get funded by Forex Funds Pro?

To become a Forex Funds Pro Trader (FFP), you will have to pass our 2-step Evaluation Process.

Step 1: Forex Funds Pro Challenge

We offer a demo account with fictitious capital where you can start trading based on our Trading Objectives. If you meet all the requirements, you will have access to our funds with superior account conditions, including low commissions and spreads. Upon successfully passing the evaluation process, you will advance to the second and final step.

Step 2: Verification Stage

A demo account is provided with fictitious capital whereby you verify your performance and consistency one last time. The rules in the Verification stage are easier. For a detailed explanation of the rules, please visit the Trading Objectives page.

You can become a Forex Funds Pro trader once you have passed the verification stage and after we review your account with associated trades. You will be asked to provide your ID document, passport, and/or national ID card, and complete your identification to conclude the contract for your FFP account. The finalization of the identification procedures within our internal policies is required for a contract to be concluded.

Persons with criminal records related to financial crime or terrorism, persons less than 18 years of age, company trusts and persons previously banned due to a breach of any contractual obligation shall not be provided services by FPP from the selected countries listed in the sanction lists. If any of the above mentioned reasons are found to be true following the completion of an account agreement between FFP and a client, it reserves the right to terminate the contract in question.

Forex Funds Pro does not grant a Forex Funds Pro Account based on any past track record.