What capital will I trade on an FFP Account?

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What capital will I trade on an FFP Account?

You will have access to a $100,000 FFP Account, the same account balance as your FFP Challenge.

Please note that all accounts we offer to our clients are demo accounts with virtual funds. Once a client becomes an FFP Trader, they will be provided with login credentials for a demo account. Clients are entitled to up to 90% of profits generated on an FFP Account. This is to avoid any confusion.

If you want to trade with a higher account balance, you can apply for another FFP Challenge. However, each FFP Challenge must be traded from the beginning, regardless of whether you have passed one in the past. We allow a maximum capital allocation of $400,000 on FFP Accounts per trader or per strategy, at any given time. This can be understood as 2 FFP Accounts – each with $200k, or 4 FFP Accounts – each with $100k, etc. Please be careful not to create multiple accounts through various registrations. If we find identical strategies being traded across various accounts exceeding $400,000 in the allocated capital value, we reserve the right to suspend those accounts per our agreement.